Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Our Activities

Though the key activity of  the Trust is planting trees, we are also involved in other social activities. The following are some of the activities we are involved in:
  • Creating awareness among people on afforestation.
  • Distributing saplings to schools, colleges and other institutions.
  • Annadhanam - We provide free meal to people at orphanages and homes.

About Sri Agathiar Pasumai Ulagam Trust

Sri Agathiar Pasumai Ulagam Trust was founded by 5 people with the aim to create a cleaner, greener and more enviro-friendly world by planting trees. Our main goal is to help control global warming and create awareness among the people.
We have been developing plant saplings in our own nursery and  maintaining the same by watering and providing necessary shelter for past 2 years. Currently our nursery has more than 20,000 saplings of different plant species.
The main motive of the Trust is to create a greener and healthier Earth. Our Organization has been recognized and supported by many environmentalists and industrialists in Vellore district (TamilNadu - India).